Service Level Agreement

Validity: from 2015-06-01

§1 Overarching Goal

In this service-level-agreement (further referred as SLA) the provided services of ASSETARIS get specified in points of quality and quantity and the fee will be defined.

The customer instructs ASSETARIS with service and maintenance of software solutions for Software Asset Management (further referred as SAM).

§2 Services

ASSETARIS provides the following services. Further price information is defined at §8.

  • Supply of software for collecting customer´s software assets in an fully or partually automated way. Transfer information to the ASSETARIS Cloud.
  • Supply of ASSETARIS Cloud service for SAM. There the collected raw data get further processed to complex statement about customer´s software and hardware assets.
  • Maintenace of a structured catalogue of software assets out of collected raw data. Verification and assignment of new entries is provided once a month.
  • Adaption of software if needed through legal innovations. Also if needed through supervisory provisions, other regulations or legal changes. The adjustments are provided by ASSETARIS with the changes coming into force, latest within 6 months of written request by customer.
  • Adjustments of software if required by version change of operating systems, browsers and additional supporting programs like databases. The adjustments are provided by ASSETARIS latest within 6 months of written request by customer.
  • As additional services the customer can delegate the Management of Contracts and Licenses to ASSETARIS. With the transmission of such documents the customer is assuring ASSETARIS that these documents are valid proof for the Contracts and Licenses to manage.

Under any circumstances all reported results have to be checked for their plausibility by the customer before making further investment decisions.

The virtual machine and other software offered by ASSETARIS will be used by the customer according to the Product Use Rights of ASSETARIS:

In the case that the results show underlicensing please note the following: due to the complexity of Licensing Law there are many different ways to eliminate the defiency of licences. Therefore we strongly recommend our customers to contact additional experts as for example an independent consultant of the German Quality Association for Licensing (GUGL).

§3 Availability

The availability of ASSETARIS services is basically not relevant for everyday operation of companies and public authorities. Therefore any possible service failure ist not a significant risk for any daily IT operations.

However ASSETARIS is determined to achieve at least the following availability of services:

The target time is defined from Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. CET (with the exception of German national holidays).

Deduction time ist defined as time in which the system ist not available because of general disturbances ASSETARIS ist not responsible for, especially due to:

  • Force majeure.
  • Disturbances caused by components which lie beyond the responsibility of ASSETARIS.
  • Misuse of software applications through customer.

Downtimes (= DT) are defined as times where the service is not available due to disturbances ASSETARIS is responsible for.

The maximum availability time (= MaxT) per year is defined: 12 hours per day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year (12 x 5 x 52). The result is 3120 hours of availability time – deduction time.

Both parties agree upon a minimum availability time (=MinT) of 98% to the following formular: (MaxT – DT) x 100 / MaxT.

§4 Support

For support requests ASSETARIS provides an IT ticket system.

Inserted tickets are processed at least from Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. CET (with the exception of German national holidays).

In urgent cases customers can contact the ASSETARIS hotline number during the same time-frame.

§5 Lines of Communication

You can get in contact with ASSETARIS:

  1. Level - Ticket system:
  2. Level - E-Mail: / Fax: +49 251 41 995 79
  3. Level - Phone: +49 251 41 995 80

The customer provides sufficient contact details and a referent person for ASSETARIS.

§6 Fault Management

Disturbances are registered and processed within the ASSETARIS IT ticket system in the following way:

  1. Customer reports fault with comprehensive information about time and frequency of disturbance as well as further facts of application environment and error report if possible.
  2. Tickets are registered and get an ID number.
  3. ASSETARIS analyses the fault (e.g. through reproduction of the fault in different application environments).
  4. Fault elimination and implementation to system environment.

The maximum response time is 6 hours within the defined target time. An answer is provided within 24 hours.

§ 7 Information Security

The strategy of ASSETARIS on information security is based on the guidelines of ISO 27001. At the present ASSETARIS is not officially certified. We invite data security engineers or internal auditors to contact us for any questions or requirements concerning data protection or audits.

ASSETARIS agrees to treat confidentially all information of which it becomes aware during and in connection with the customer´s SAM project. All employees of ASSETARIS are contractually bound to:

  • observe data privacy pursuant to §5 of the German Federal Data Protection Act.
  • preserve business and company secrets according to §18 of the German Federal Law Against Unfair Competition.

ASSETARIS operates in accordance to the German Federal Data Protection Act. Place of data processing is Germany only.

The data center where the physical servers of ASSETARIS are hosted are provided with access control and regulated processes of accessing. Only employees of ASSETARIS have access to the physical servers.

With the SAM services of ASSETARIS customers get an overview of their current licensing status. ASSETARIS will treat this information with absolute discretion and confidentiality.

§8 Remuneration

The pricing depends on the number of processed physical computer systems. If a computer has not been physically detected but has been using a terminal session, this access is also seen as a physically processed unit.

Volume-rated pricing of ASSETARIS gives a reduction depending on the amount of physical computers processed. The prices can be adjusted by ASSETARIS every six month.

In the case of a difference between the amount of effectively processed computers and the amount of purchased ASSETARIS service licenses the customer is obliged to purchase the additional amount of licenses. The license balance considers only devices for which a valid ASSETARIS service license exist.